Carillion Bell Tower

Located down Carillon Avenue from the entrance, our small-town ‘main street,’ is a cherished landmark to residents and a surprise and delight to newcomers. Surrounded by live oaks and sandy paths, the Carillon Bell Tower, extends almost fifty feet in height,and  is the centerpiece of Carillon Circle and the namesake for our community. Carillon – the French word for ‘chime’ – creates the feeling of a charming coastal village.  From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. bells count out the time each hour, then … listeners are treated to a harmonious tune played by 35 carillon bells … simply charming!  The bell tower is just one small slice of heaven for our vacationers and permanent residents alike!


The Beach Club Pool

Two staircases converge as you ascend to the pool deck to enjoy the majestic view of shimmering, emerald Gulf waters and Carillon Beach’s white sand beach. Drink in the gulf breeze as waves reach the shore, and relaxation is redefined. Enjoy the splendor of the gulf view poolside or continue up to one of two covered verandas complete with comfortable pool furniture, tables and chairs. Oversized, colorful Bahama shutters provide a reprieve of shade from the warm Florida sun. It’s like having an open-air family room by the sea with a view of Lake Carillon as an added bonus – a two for one at the same location. Succumb to the melodic song of the breaking waves and walk down Walkover #5 to the soft, sugary sand of Carillon Beach’s exceptional and uncrowded beach.


Lake Carillon Pool

Carillon Beach pools are located throughout the community and offer unique design features. The East Pool is situated at the eastern end of the community at the edge of Lake Carillon. The pool is heated during Spring and Fall breaks..

The East Pool includes a spacious deck with ample chairs, tables and umbrellas.  A Jacuzzi is built into the pool, but not to be missed is the quiet and serene viewing deck that overlooks Carillon Lake. Sit back, enjoy the warm Florida sun while listening to the bell tower chimes echo across the lake as lake grasses rustle in the gentle breeze.


Bellview Park and Pool

Bellview Park is the perfect place for all your family’s activities. As you approach Bellview Park from the west end of the Promenade or Parkshore Drive, you may encounter spirited games of bocce ball, kick ball, soccer or a Frisbee skimming over the beautifully manicured grass park.  In addition to the expansive grass area, the park also includes the following major amenities:

  • Bellview Park Pool
  • Children’s Pool
  • Children’s Playground and Play House
  • Basketball Court
  • Two Tennis Courts, with one Tennis Court striped for Pickleball

Bellview Pool is the largest of Carillon Beach's three pools with a spacious deck, tables with umbrellas, a childrens pool and pool house. A stained glass Florida sunrise is featured three stories above the pool deck and allows entry of natural light into the pool house.  Spotlights dazzle the eye by night acting as a north beacon to the Carillon Beach Community. This pool is heated throughout the winter months.

The lighted, full size Sports Court is a multi-purpose amenity that supports a friendly game of “horse”, pickup basketball games, and other court-based games. The court is co-located with the playground, the Bellview Pool, and the tennis courts.

The Tennis Courts feature composite surfaces and are ready for all levels of play.  Conveniently situated on the western end of Bellview Park, each family member can choose their own amenity for their favorite sports activity. Conclude your sports activities with a cool-down swim at the Bellview Park Pool.

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Carillon Downtown and Market Street

Carillon Downtown and Market Street provide dining, shopping, and resort services in a style reminiscent of New Orleans’ French Quarter complete with cobblestone streets, private courtyards, second floor balconies, and lush landscaping. The design incorporates beauty, order, and symmetry and positively glimmers at night with thousands of lights.  Reminiscent of a village main street, and located next to Carillon Lake, downtown is anchored by the Meeting House and Village Green and offers a diverse shopping and dining experience for our owners, guests, and visitors.


Lake Carillon

Situated in the interior of our community, you’ll find a tranquil sanctuary that soothes the soul – Lake Carillon. The sparkling emerald gulf provides a backdrop for our pristine 13 acre lake that is surrounded by gorgeous pastel colored homes, Market Street, the Carillon Beach Inn, and Sunrise and Sunset Condominiums.

The lake is abundant with turtles, bass and migratory birds including the majestic heron. It’s the perfect place to practice your skills in a kayak, on a paddle board, or in a sunfish. Or, you can try your luck and cast a fishing line from the shore. Relax on the lake’s pier and watch Lake Carillon transform into magical glass, celebrating the waning day and reflecting the surrounding night lights.


The Meeting House

Located at the east end of the Promenade, surrounded by the Village Green and Lake Carillon, step through the white picket fence and into the past.  Carillon’s Meeting House is a simple but elegant amenity where our community gathers and where dream-come-true weddings become a reality. Part of the Carillon Beach Institute, the Meeting House sponsors events that enhance the lives of our owners and guests by promoting the arts, humanities, and our culture. Beautiful paths, secluded spaces for quiet conversation, reading or contemplation are abundant in the area around the Meeting House. By night, the live oaks are  brilliantly lit and transform the Village Green into a wonderland of light and shadow.

Everyone is welcome to attend inter-denominational services held each Sunday at 10 am at in the Meeting House.


Carillon’s Walkovers

Carillon is exceptionally proud of the historic dunes that protect, preserve and separate our community from the gulf we love. We carefully maintain them in pristine condition by channeling our residents and visitors over one of eight uniquely architected walkovers. Step over these beautiful and functional architectural focal points and let them welcome you to Carillon’s white, sandy beaches and the warm, aqua gulf waters beyond. At the top of the pavilion, stop, feel the gulf breeze, and be drawn toward our pristine, quiet, and uncrowded beaches.  You have arrived at undeniably the most immaculate beach on the Gulf Coast


Carillon Pavilions

As a sustaining reminder of our collective commitment to our Carillon Beach Institute’s community outreach goals, three community Pavilions act as ‘front porches’ for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. Lloyd Vogt, our community planner and architect, modeled his Carillon design after the pedestrian cities of ancient Rome and Athens, where an orderly grid of led to the community pavilions.  Each pavilion serves as a visual representation of one element of the Carillon Beach Institute Mission Statement.

Environmental Pavilion

Along Beachside Drive near Beach Walkover #6 is the Health and wellness Pavilion. Stand inside the eight pillars, look up and you will see the following inscription:  SCIMINI LUXTA MARE DIES NUMERARE OBLIVIO.  Translated into English, it means “Near the sea, we forget to count the days.”

Children’s Pavilion

Continuing eastward and tucked away along Beachside Gardens is the Children’s Pavilion.  Six large square pillars circle one massive pillar with a work of art depicting a boy and girl reaching up to touch a bird in flight.

Environmental Pavilion

At the far easterly end of the community, adjacent to the Sunrise/Sunset resort pool, is the Environment Pavilion.  A tall hedge and portico enclose a circle of benches, creating a perfect space to read or reflect.

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